#madejustxmas - Why I’ve started a new Hashtag!

It’s a funny old thing running a small creative business when Christmas comes a knocking! You think about this festive season pretty much all year round and when everyone is enjoying the sunshine in summer, you often start to feel the pressure to get organised, plan what to make, get all your products made and ready to photograph.

This year I decided to make life a little easier. Right now my life is busy, Emily (my youngest daughter) has only just turned three and goes to nursery two mornings every week, which means that only two mornings of the week I have enough time to walk the dog and get an hours work done without distractions. The rest of my working day is conducted ‘out-of-hours’ when they are tucked up in bed. So I decided to keep Christmas simple - just make keepsakes this year - but boy are you guys were keen! I posted on social media a closing date (IN OCTOBER) and you all jumped on it! Lets just say, it’s going to be a very busy few months!

So I closed for orders for Christmas 2018 on October 12th (and just in case you were interested - i am still taking orders, but they will be made in January 2019). As fantastic as this is (and i am so very very grateful) It has left me feeling a little bit lost as to what to post on social media! To me it feels a little bit like false advertising - ‘hey guys, look at these amazing keepsakes, aren’t they great - but oh, sorry you can’t buy them right now!’

So it got me thinking, what could I do to keep the conversation going?

Now, I am no way an expert on social media - I scrape by with the little knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. But the one thing I do know, is every platform basically likes you to engage with your audience, hold a conversation and interact! I could so very easily walk away from the social media side of things until after Christmas, after all i can’t take any new orders until then anyway - but then all the hard work Ihave put in over the year would had gone to waste and it would take more time and effort to regain it when i did return.

So I have had an idea! I’ve made my own hashtag!


So what does this mean! I know my folks and in-laws will be reading this wondering what on earth am I doing! Well - no one can own a hashtag, anyone can use it - and if you find one that hasn’t been used yet, then you can start a conversation using it.

If you search for #madejustxmas in Instagram you can view that hashtag. Hopefully between now and Christmas there will be lots of gift ideas shared. My aim is to share all the things that I have found along the way which i think are great gift ideas. And I would like you guys to join me! Whether you are a small (or big!) brand wanting to advertise your goods, a parent who found a great idea for a gift or simply just want to follow the hashtag to keep an eye on potential inspiration. This is not an Ad! I am in no way being paid for any of the products being shared - it is just me sharing what i love and asking you to join me.


How do you add the hashtag to join in?

  • Log in to your Instagram account

  • In your caption add the hashtag #madejustxmas

  • or in the comments add #madejustxmas

How to add the hashtag to a post from someone else;

  • in the comments of that post add #madejustxmas

Or add the hashtag in your Instagram stories.


I am also going to share my favourite tags on Pinterest too - search #madejustxmas in Pinterest or click here. The page should look something like the picture below. If you have a Pinterest account you will be able to follow this too.

Untitled 1.png

The gift ideas can be for anyone; kids, babies, mums, dads, friends, pets - no limits! Lets see where this goes! I’m excited to share this with you, and who knows, maybe this is a new tradition i’m starting! Maybe every Christmas from now, when I close my books and don’t need to talk about my products, I can turn the love to other brands! Or this could completely fall flat - but i’m willing to give it a try!

I’ve also added a new page to my website - click here, or click on the link at the top of the page! Below is a taster of what I’ve shared so far! I will hopefully update this page every week with direct links to where you can purchase them.

Enjoy everyone and let me know what you think!

Claire x