To blog or not to blog?

This has been the question going round and round my mind for so long - should I start a blog? After all, I'm just a girl sat in front of her computer, writing down the thoughts and happenings of her life. But why would anyone care to read it? Then again what would really be the harm?

So where to begin? Quite the daunting task as I sit here trying to pluck up the right words! I suppose I'll start at the very beginning!


Not so long ago, writing a blog would never have entered my mind. I was working as a Biomedical Scientist, a job I had huge respect for but was never a fan of the crazy hours and shift patterns – but it was part and parcel of working for the NHS. Then I met a boy, moved in with boy, got a dog, got engaged and married and before we knew it we were expecting our first child! Sounds like the perfect fairy tale doesn’t it? And it truly was, but then shortly into my pregnancy there were some complications and at 29+5 weeks pregnant our eldest daughter Lucy was born. I am so happy to write that she is now the happiest healthiest 5 year old! I’m sure at a later date I will write more about this experience, but for now all i will say is becoming a mum wasn't the only thing that changed that day, it also gave me the courage to stop my profession and concentrate on being Claire, the full time Mum!

After Lucy turned one and sleep returned, life started to feel more normal again. I started to make soft interiors for her room and my passion for sewing was ignited. And there we have it, less than a year later Made Just Sew was born! Fast forward another 12 months and a perfect pregnancy, our second daughter Emily came along.

My Girls, Emily and Lucy

My Girls, Emily and Lucy

So in a nutshell that is how I have got to here! This is my next chapter, an outlet to talk honestly about juggling life as a mother while trying to build a business. A space to feature my creative side, with or without the kids, as well as documenting this journey I am so proud to call my life!

So thank you for reading what I have to say so far – I hope you enjoy what’s to come and see you all here soon,

Claire xxx