Top 10 sewing tools you shouldn't live without!

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So you love to sew or you love the idea of sewing but don’t know what you need - well don’t worry as I have got you covered! I have made a list of my personal top 10 favourite sewing tools - and why I love them!

1. Sewing machine!

So let’s start with the obvious! You don’t need a sewing machine to sew, hand sewing is the best too - but for your bigger projects, especially quilting, a sewing machine is essential. I don’t own anything super fancy. It is is a Janome DX 360 - with a quilting table. I have had it over 4 years now and it is still going strong!


2. Iron

Something that I think is over looked - but without this, preparing your fabric before and after sewing would be impossible! Well, maybe not impossible, but it makes something look ‘OK’ to looking perfect! Seams can be pressed, perfect corners can be created and everything looks better after a little iron!

The fact that I have had to replace my iron 3 times already this year shows how much I use it! This is a new addition and I am so far happy with it! I love Tefal and it had a good non-stick smooth glide base.

3. Cutting Mat

If you think you don’t need one - think again! I honestly can’t imagine not using one now! And the bigger the better! Especially when you’re cutting binding or long lengths of fabric.


4. Rotary Cutter

There is no better way to cut fabric accurately than with a rotary cutter. Used with a quilting ruler and cutting mat, you have the perfect combination!


5. Scissors - of ever shape and size!

In this case, it is not one size fits all - it is more like you can never have enough!

The larger ‘taylor’ scissors are great for cutting lengths of fabric and the smaller curved gold scissors are amazing for cutting around appliqué.


6. Gutermann Thread

Don’t skimp on your thread - a lesson I learned early on. My thread brand of choice is always Gutermann.

7. Magnetic Pin Cushion

Does exactly what it says on the tin! A pin cushion that is magnetic, so all your pins stay put!

And it is also great for scooping up any dropped pins!

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8. Rulers

I probably don’t have as many as I should have for the amount of quilts I make - but you know when you love what you use, why change it!

This Janome long ruler is my right hand when cutting my fabric. It is so good, so good that I’m on the verge of replacing it as some of the lines have warn away! Being transparent makes it very easy to cut accurately.

My small 4 inch square Omnigrid ruler is perfect for the smaller quilt blocks and half triangles where the longer ruler is a bit too big!

Together they are the perfect combo!

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A new tool to my sewing kit! I have always been a fan of he thermal marker (the pens that fade with heat) but then someone pointed me in the direction of the Clover Hera Marker!

It is basically a butter knife, made from plastic and you score your fabric with it. These lines then wash out and are never visible! Genius!


10. Seam ripper, needle threader and thimbles.

So OK - maybe this is numbers 10a, 10b and 10c - but I couldn’t decide - they are all so useful!

If you haven’t been sewing for long, don't be disheartened by using a seam ripper - we ALL use them regularly! A needle threader saves so much time, a very simple but affective tool.

And lastly - thimbles! Thimbles save fingers!! I use both of mine at the same time! Especially when I’m hand sewing the binding of a large quilt.

I hope you enjoyed my run down of my top ten sewing tools - I would love to know what yours are so leave me a comment below!

Claire x